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Mitsubishi Electric is involved in projects that are indispensible to the growing infrastructure of Turkey, such as air conditioning, factory automation, elevators/escalators, transportation systems and satellites. The current ongoing advertisement campaign “THINK FORWARD, WIN ALWAYS” presents the voices of our customers, who have actually experienced Mitsubishi Electric Corporations’ energy-saving, reliable and comfort-providing products and services. Mitsubishi Electric contributes to the future of Turkey. Get the details here…


Avrupa Konutları


“If you aim high, your standards must be high.”

Avrupa Konutları Kale, located within the renewed silhouette of Istanbul’s heritage Topkapı with a unique view of the historical peninsula, provides a superior level of comfort and security with the high technology of Mitsubishi Electric Elevator Systems used in all of the residences and offices.

The flawless technical support that starts at the project development stage and the problem-free products of Mitsubishi Electric Elevator Systems contribute to the standard setting position of Avrupa Konutları Kale in the sector.

As Mitsubishi Electric, we are proud of being the preferred elevator systems developer by Avrupa Konutları Kale and being a part of Turkey's future.

Interview with Leaders

This time we will introduce the Avrupa Konutları Kale project located in Istanbul’s heritage Topkapı, rich with history and a view of the unique peninsula. We asked Mr. Süleyman Çetinsaya, Chairman of the Executive Board Artaş İnşaat and Avrupa Konutları, why they chose Mitsubishi Elevator Systems for the Avrupa Konutları Kale project.

1) Avrupa Konutları Kale is a residential area with a view of Istanbul and the sea by virtue of its central location. Can you tell us about your project?

img.Avrupa Konutları

We have positioned our Avrupa Konutları Kale project in one of Istanbul’s oldest residential areas in the center of Topkapı, next to the E – 5 Highway. This area stands out as one of the region’s most valuable spots and contributes significantly to Topkapı’s renewed silhouette. We designed Avrupa Konutları Kale to be a project that suits Topkapı’s new surroundings and will serve as a symbol of the change in the region.

In our project we have reflected our traditional architectural style with a modern interpretation and made all our blocks with less floors across a lateral plain. As an added plus to Avrupa Konutları Kale’s unique position, most of our flats have a view of historical Istanbul and the seaside.

2) You have chosen to work with Mitsubishi Electric Elevator Systems in your blocks. What models did you include?

img.Avrupa Konutları

As a requirement of our project’s architectural design we chose to work with a total of 35 Mitsubishi Electric’s machine-room-less elevators. These elevators prioritize safety first, then energy efficiency and comfort, with speeds varying between 1 and 1.75m/s. Surpassing the standard of cabin walls in elevators we have chosen to use special wood appearance steel walls in our project.

It pleases us to present investors with the technology of the future because we construct the tomorrows, the future, with our projects. Whatever new technological innovations are available we implement them in our projects. The Mitsubishi Electric Elevator Systems are one of these innovations.

3) What is the reason for your preference in Mitsubishi Electric Elevator Systems?

img.Avrupa Konutları

As the Artaş Group we strive to produce the solutions that best serve our customers. We have used the Mitsubishi Electric Elevator Systems in many of our projects before (In addition to this project we have used them in Avrupa Konutları TEM, Avrupa Konutları Atakent 2, Avrupa Konutları Ispartakule 1, 2 and 3, and the projects we have constructed with other partners like Tema İstanbul, Vadistanbul Bulvar and Park Etapları). We have not experienced any problems in the quality, comfort, service and maintenance of Mitsubishi Electric products so far. In whatever we need we have always received their close attention with the fastest, most solution-focused approach. In fact not only have we, as a company, been completely satisfied, but we have also received positive feedback from many of the residents in our projects about their products. The elevators operating silently and comfortably and most of all safely are only some of the reasons why we prefer their products.

We, as Artaş İnşaat, believe that technological products that raise the quality of living spaces to the highest level need to be included in every project in the sector because a comfortable life at the highest standards is everyone’s right.

4) What is your opinion on Mitsubishi Electric’s pre installation, post installation and installation service quality? Are you satisfied with the service you received?

img.Avrupa Konutları

We have worked with Mitsubishi Electric on the subject of elevators in about 9-10 of our projects using 650-700 elevators and escalators. We have not experienced any problems in quality, comfort, service and maintenance so far. Due to such advantages like their solution-focused approach and ability to work in synchronization with our other subcontractors, we have been very satisfied with the service we received from Mitsubishi Electric and we believe we will continue to receive good service from them in the future.  

Smart building automation is used in all of our projects with the Avrupa Konutları brand. All of the innovations required by technology are provided to our investors as a convenience. This is why we have a special place in the heart of our customers, with whom we have established good quality and trust. We thank all of our solution partners, especially Mitsubishi Electric, who have supported us in this endeavor.

5) What are your expectations from Mitsubishi Electric for the future?

img.Avrupa Konutları

Mitsubishi Electric is an important company in the world with its advanced technology. They provide us, as well as the end users, with outstanding satisfaction with their distinctive products. We expect Mitsubishi Electric to continue producing products that raise the bar higher and to continue providing us with their outstanding service quality whether it’s for existing projects or the many projects we have planned for the future.

We are very pleased with our technological solution partner Mitsubishi Electric’s use of the latest technology in our projects. We will maintain our cooperation in new projects to keep the high satisfaction of our customers and to produce optimum solutions.

Stone Group


Comfortable vacation, efficient choice

Royal Taj Mahal Hotel, which is famous for its unique architecture and natural sceneries, offers a spacious and comfortable experience to its guests thanks to high-performance and advanced technology of Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning systems used in all facilities.

With its strong service performance and flexibility in installation, Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning systems making a difference with its energy-efficient and trouble-free products add value to high quality understanding of Royal Taj Mahal Hotel.

As Mitsubishi Electric, we are proud of being the preferred air conditioner developer by Royal Taj Mahal Hotel and being a part of Turkey's future.

Interview with Leaders
Now we introduce Royal Taj Mahal Hotel, known for its golden sand beaches on the blue Mediterranean Sea, as well as gardens and beautiful natural surroundings. Ramazan TAŞ, Chairman of the Board of Stone Group, which use the air conditioning systems of Mitsubishi Electric in Royal Taj Mahal Hotel, is here to express his opinions on the products and services of Mitsubishi Electric.

1) Royal Taj Mahal Hotel is one of the well-known hotels of Antalya with its authentic architecture. Can you tell us about your facilities?


Royal Taj Mahal Hotel, which is owned by the Stone Group Hotels chain, was founded on a 40,000 square meter area and brought into service on June 15, 2015. It's located five kilometers away from the Side city center, ten kilometers away from the Manavgat city center and 48 kilometers away from Antalya Airport.

Royal Taj Mahal Hotel is a unique and elegant vacation center aiming to ensure that its guests experience "homelike" comfort with its unique golden yellow beach facing the Mediterranean Sea, routes to the beach, quiet environment, unique gardens, 2,700 square meter pool area, children's pools and natural sceneries with date palms.

We have both visual and mental elements in our facility to ensure that our guests feel both vigorous and peaceful. Therefore, we aim to combine peace and serenity to help our guests live a healthy and energetic life.

As Stone Group, our “Quality” approach in our main labor policy constitutes the backbone of our entire labor system. In all services we provide, keeping this approach in our minds, we act with “quality” principle. We use first class products and services in our facilities, and aim to be an innovative group preferred in our sector. By creating an efficient, economical and profitable business model and evaluating customers' expectations and demands meticulously, we form the most appropriate working model and manage our investments in this direction. As Stone Group, our main purpose is ensuring unconditional customer satisfaction.

2) Which Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners do you use for the air conditioning of your hotel?


We used Mitsubishi Electric VRF systems in Royal Taj Mahal Hotel. We preferred thin, ceiling-concealed indoor VMS units in our hotel rooms, while 4-way cassette type air conditioners, compact cassette type air conditioners, 2-way cassette type air conditioners, ceiling-concealed, middle static pressure air conditioners, and split type air conditioners were preferred in general areas. We also preferred ceiling-concealed VRF indoor type air conditioners in areas such as the laundry area and kitchen where fresh air is needed. We used YHA series outdoor units in the project, and Mitsubishi Electric Heat Recovery outdoor units in our spa department. In addition, for outdoor use, we preferred split and Mr. Slim devices in areas such as security points and the amphitheater. We can control all devices with the central remote controls in Royal Taj Mahal Hotel.

3) Can you tell us why you chose Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning Systems?


Two points we observe the most while purchasing air conditioners within our hotel investments are the energy efficiency and smooth (and trouble-free) operation. We preferred Mitsubishi Electric also in our Adam&Eve Hotel project. Mitsubishi Electric's trouble-free products, support in the processes in the construction site by handling any conditions and solving any problems properly, rapidly and permanently, and advantages for business costs thanks to its energy-efficient products are among the main reasons Stone Group preferred Mitsubishi Electric.

4) Are you satisfied with the service quality Mitsubishi Electric provided to you? Are there any highlights before and after the installation?


Stone Group displays a quality-oriented approach for its customers. Therefore, it expects the same approach from its partners. Mitsubishi Electric provided a very precise service in installation and construction processes. Can Kardeşler, the main service of Mitsubishi Electric in Antalya, cooperated with the authorized mechanic firm and other subcontractors, and operated the system without any issues. Their solution-oriented approaches ensured that the operation continued without any problems.

5) What are your expectations from Mitsubishi Electric?


Mitsubishi Electric is distinctive with its silent, environment-friendly and cost-efficient products, and appreciated not only by us but also our guests. We expect Mitsubishi Electric to continue to make a difference with its technology, launch new products and maintain its service quality.



‘‘We are ready for Industry 4.0, and we are present in every part of the world.’’

Yemmak is the leader of the Turkish market in the production of feeding machines. Their company exports products to 33 countries in 4 continents and offers industrial process solutions to animal waste management, chemical, and biomass sectors. Yemmak prefers advanced Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation Systems in their facilities and in the machines they produce.

Yemmak has been generating Digital Factory infrastructure solutions that are compatible with the factory automation products and services of Mitsubishi Electric, as well as with Industry 4.0. From individual machines to turnkey projects, they can direct their production processes from one head office.

As Mitsubishi Electric, we are proud of being Yemmak’s preferred producer of factory automation systems, and being a part of Turkey’s future.

Interview with Leaders
Now, we introduce YEMMAK, Turkey’s leader in feed machine manufacturing. We interviewed Halil Yırtımcı, a member of Board of Directors at YEMMAK, which has used Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation Systems in its manufacturing process, for his opinion on Mitsubishi Electric products and services.

1) As Yemmak, you provide machine manufacture and assembly for hundreds of feed factories worldwide. Can you tell us about your company and areas of activity?


As a global brand, we export to 33 countries in 4 continents. We are the leader in the feed machinery and manufacturing industry in Turkey. Our company has 50 years of experience not only providing industrial process solutions in the feed sector, but also in waste processing, biomass and chemistry. We are one of the unique manufacturers in Turkey and Europe that is able to manage the all processes from one center, from single-machine production to turnkey process solutions.

By keeping up with technology, we increase business productivity and produce energy-efficient, environment-friendly projects.

We support our portfolio of project consultancy, design, production and assembly, modernization, and automation with our after-sales services. services.

2) Which of Mitsubishi Electric’s factory automation products and services do you use in your facilities?


As Yemmak, we use Mitsubishi Electric’s F and Q series PLC, HMI, AC Inverter and LVS products in our production processes. We collaborate in our projects in the field of factory automation as a Turkish partner of Mitsubishi Electric.

3) Which needs in your facilities were fulfilled with Mitsubishi Electric’s products and services? Were you satisfied with the solutions?


In the first phase of our projects, we started working on the scenario of factory automation and are developing solutions together with Mitsubishi Electric.
We ensure the management of production processes, reporting and production control of the incoming raw materials and bulk products in the enterprise. With PLC and HMI products, we perform factory monitoring and automation.

We are also pretty satisfied with using Mitsubishi Electric’s products and software in research-development activities.

4) What are your reasons for choosing Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation Systems?


As we are aware of the responsibility of being an industry-leading global brand, we prefer Mitsubishi Electric with technological know-how in all process automation applications. In order not to experience production losses, equipment used in the processes must be the best in their own fields. Thanks to the durability of Mitsubishi Electric’s equipment under adverse conditions, we are able to fulfill our customers’ expectations on time and in the best way possible. With the help of the CC-Link communication method developed by Mitsubishi Electric, communication of the machines in our factories is way faster and easier. We are also satisfied with the ease of use and abilities of the GX Works PLC software. With Mitsubishi Electric’s regular training and perpetual support, we are able to readily use the latest launched products.

5) What are your expectations from Mitsubishi Electric in the future?

Mitsubishi Electric is a global brand and a technology leader; it can fulfill the expectations of our customers splendidly with the products and services it provides. We expect Mitsubishi Electric to continue breaking new ground by producing new and technological products, and for our cooperation to continue for many years, thereby enhancing the high quality service concept that it has provided us with.



"Wise investiment leads to advancement."

Our next ad in the series focuses on elevators. İ.Polat Holding A.Ş., a prominent developer of hotels and residential apartments in Turkey, installed Mitsubishi Electric's elevators in its Renaissance İstanbul Polat Bosphorus Hotel. In an interview held at the Hotel’s rooftop 212 Café Bar overlooking the Bosphorus Strait, Mr. Murat Polat, Acting Chairman of the Board of Directors (Yönetim Kurulu Başkan Vekili) at İ.Polat Holding A.Ş., spoke with Ms. Ayumi Takano, an actress and celebrity engaged in various activities in Turkey.

The interview reveals İ.Polat Holding A.Ş.’s relationship with Mitsubishi Electric and its reasons for choosing Mitsubishi Electric’s products over those of other manufacturers in Turkey and Europe for the hotel, which must provide high levels of comfort and safety for guests. Mr. Polat shares his satisfaction with the elevators and Mitsubishi Electric’s superior technology and support. By supporting İ.Polat Holding A.Ş, one of Turkey’s leading companies in the hotel sector, Mitsubishi Electric is proud to be a part of Turkey's future.

Interview with Leaders

We asked Mr. Murat Polat, Deputy Chairman of Board of Directors of İ. Polat Holding A.Ş., about Mitsubishi Electric and the elevator systems they have chosen.

1) Can you tell us about your company?


A subsidiary of İbrahim Polat Holding, which is active in the construction, ceramics, plumbing, domestic and foreign tourism industries, İbrahim Polat İnşaat has been serving everything from residences to office centers, shopping centers to industrial facilities for over 60 years.

2) You have chosen to use the Mitsubishi Electric Elevator Systems in your Hotel. Which products are included?


Our relationship with the Mitsubishi Electric group has been going on over 25 years. We use Mitsubishi Electric elevators in all of our hotel and construction projects and we are very satisfied. 

In the Polat Renaissance Bosphorus Hotel under İbrahim Polat Holding we have used 7 Mitsubishi Electric elevators.

3) Can you tell us about your reasons for preferring the Mitsubishi Electric Elevator Systems?


The elevators we have used here are energy efficient.

I would like to appeal to the business world here – if you are going to be purchasing elevators make sure to choose energy efficient Mitsubishi Electric elevators.

4) Are you satisfied with the quality of the service you receive from Mitsubishi Electric? Are there pre and post assembly issues that stand out?


Of course we are satisfied. They always keep tabs on the elevators they sell.

As soon as you give an order the elevators come from Japan to Turkey on the day they promised. They work with great discipline in the field of construction.
They finish the assembly on the date and at the time they promise.

They are very good as the Mitsubishi Electric maintenance-service group. They come as soon as you call and do the periodical maintenance very well. I am very satisfied and I would recommend them to everyone.

5) What are your expectations from Mitsubishi Electric for the future?


I expect Mitsubishi Electric to continue investing in energy efficient products and maintain the same level of service quality in the future.


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Opening ceremony

Opening ceremony

Mitsubishi Electric Turkey, the Turkish sales company of the Mitsubishi Electric Group, held an opening ceremony at the Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul on October 17th to commemorate the adoption of its FA (Factory Automation) system business and air conditioning business two-business structure from July 2014. Mitsubishi Electric Turkey, with its new structure, aims to enhance cohesion and unite its employees through this opening ceremony with the goal of providing even better service. Your support is greatly appreciated.

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